Aviation Complaints

Whilst Shellharbour Airport does not have any operating curfew restrictions, the airport is primarily operational from 6:00 am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week.

Aviation Aircraft Safety

Aviation safety related items including low flying over houses are governed by (CASA) the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

To report something unsafe please contact CASA by submitting an online form or by phone on 131 757. 

Airborne Aircraft Noise Complaints

The most appropriate agency to contact regarding airborne aircraft noise by civilian aircraft is Airservices Australia, who monitor aircraft noise levels at Australian airports.

You may contact Airservices Australia through the Noise Enquiry Services by submitting an online form or contacting by phone 1800 802 584.


Ground Aircraft Noise Complaints & Fly Neighbourly Practices

If your complaint relates to ground based noise generated aircraft activities  or instances of specific aircraft consistently not following Fly Neighbourly Practices, then you may contact Shellharbour Airport directly via email airport@shellharbour.nsw.gov.au.

When submitting a complaint please include as much information as possible. Such information includes; date, time, location and description of the aircraft and/or activity.

The Fly Neighbourly Practices are guidelines for pilots to follow where safe to do so when operating at Shellharbour Airport.

Importantly pilots will always prioritise safety during flight. This may mean that at times pilots are unable to follow these guidelines.